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A perfect Sankranthi entertainer with all kinds of genres. Especially Mahesh Babu one-man show, never before ever after. Anil ravpudi knows how to show an actor in different roles. Coming to anna dance, it was an excellent and career-best performance by Mahesh anna. we all should say thanks to our Sekhar master for showing anna dance
Crisp to say: A must watch one by every Telugu viewer. A TRUE COMPLETE FAMILY ENTERTAINER. I don’t want to explain the story, but in each and every scene, you’ll feel mixed emotions, from comedy to action, from politics to patriotism. From “Censor Certificate” to “The End” card, you’ll feel the same JOSH! And ofcourse it’s HIGH! Please watch it. And trust me, you’ll definitely like to watch it again and again! Sure shot the best movie in Mahesh Babu’s career! Thanks for reading my review, and if you are reading this, definitely watch the movie and have fun
A thoroughly entertaining movie. Different from the stereotypical army movies. The balanced comedy, action and unexpected climax are the essences of the film. Mahesh baby is a treat to the eyes.

The ingrained discipline of an army officer, even when he is off duty, is beautifully portrayed in this movie. Loved the mind block song and Mahesh Babu’s mass look.
Mahesh Babu excelled with his comic timing, energy, acting, action & Dances (Special Mention) in this movie. He literally carried the whole plot of the movie on his shoulders – A One Man Show. Rashmika has just got a few scenes in the first half & 2 songs. Vijay Shanthi, in her comeback movie, gave a powerful and impactful performance. Prakashraj, Rao Ramesh & Rajendra Prasad, as usual, pulled off their characters with utmost ease. Others Sangeetha, HariTeja, etc., were good with the limited.
Sarileru neekevvaru one. Of the exciting movie at the box office now. Mahesh babu and rashmika bandanna played the lead role in the movie. Anil ravipudi is the director of this movie, and he has come up with interesting content in it. There is a huge buzz around the movie.

Mahesh babu’s impeccable performance is one of the major driving factors behind the film. Rashmika Mandana has impressed with her performance. Vijay Santhi is truly asSarileru neekevvaru movie is based on Soldier point of view of India, who is protecting us day and night by thinking that our country and people are safe and also how they feel on the people who are fighting for nothing inside the country without any reasons.

( Mahesh Babu’s “Bharat Ane Nenu,” tells us how the leader should do his/her job to the people of his state.) and Sarileru neekevvaru based on soldiers’ point of view.

Sarileru neekevvaru is a super movie for family entertaining, and after watching this movie, it gives respect to soldiers. In this movie, we can see that we can change some corrupted politician minds through the power of knowledge, educating them in a correct way and not through the killing way, In the last scenes, we can see Prakash raj tells of killing him, but the main aim/moto here is not killing, it’s the bringing the change inside him, and at last, he achieved.
Set to this film. And vennela Kishor and Rajendra prasad performances are too good. The actress gave 100% for the role and has grabbed the attention of the audience.