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It’s really a fantastic movie. The heart of the Movie is the story itself. Mahesh Babu has shown his humor through his extraordinary comedy timing. First half shoot in Kashmir in which Visuals and screenplay are really extraordinary. Then the Train episode is really hilarious. Then, the sequences around Mahesh Babu and Vijaya Shanthi are very good. Pre-interval is scene really goosebumps scene. The Movie ended with a wonderful climax. Finally, the Movie is very good. It’s really a commercial family entertainer. Go and watch it with your family. Forgot to mention BGM is really extraordinary.

Super movie. Msg-oriented movie. Today the society needs such responsible msg. Politicians need 3-6 months of orientation Army training to be more accountable and responsible. Comedy is extraordinary. I couldn’t stop laugh all through his train journey. Hart’s off to Mahesh in choosing good movies.

His previous movies adopt and contribute to the rural area development. agriculture is not farmers job; it’s everybody contribution

And today, we see this new msg to society. Trained Politicians and Government officials make better governance!!!!!


The movie is a blockbuster. And it is a family entertainer too. The acting of superstar Mahesh babu is very new and fantastic in this movie earlier neekrvvaru. Mahesh babu’s dance is superb in this movie. Especially mind block song is fantastic and mindblowing. The movie contains action full of comedy. Shekhar master choreographs well. The first half is full of comedy. The train scene(comedy scene) in the first half clicks very well. From the second half, the story begins. The fight scenes are very good. And Mahesh’s and vennela Kishore’s comedy clicks in the second half. Actually, the whole movie clicks mainly by Mahesh babu. Mahesh is too handsome, and rashmika is very cute in this film