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Really mind block after watching the movie, the movie is fully packed with action, comedy, and patriotism. The Mahesh sir was totally unique to compare his other films and Vijay Shanti madam. After a long time, she again acting in a movie damn, she’s acting doesn’t change anything, same dialogue delivering the same action superb. And Prakash raj, what I told about this person ultimate. mind block song give a josh to all audience. you never get bored the entire movie it is superb definitely it is family commercial entertainment.

Mahesh Babu is acting superbly. The dialogue delivery, punches, and action IP to the mark. The storyline to the best in place. I would recommend this movie to all movie lovers. It is a perfectly cooked meal including a pinch of romance, comedy, action, drama, emotions, patriotism, etc., to make a perfect meal of the day. U will laugh, u will cry, u will have mixed emotions and feelings.

The way Anil Ravipudi directed this film was very nice Dialogues are very good DSP’s BGM is excellent Mahesh Babu career-best performance a movie with full colors For example:- Sarileru neekevvaru ( A movie is like a Rainbow) Vijayashanti acting is good Prakash Raj played a good role Rashimika acting is good.

In this movie, there are family ethics and values, patriotism, comedy, action all types of varieties are present in the film SANKRANTI KA BLOCKBUSTER a movie which entertains every person.


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