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Very good inspirational ending and not like every Movie killing violin being soldier helping and repairing the badness in the country as well as at the border showed very well, and comedy timing is waw superb wonderful acting by Superstar Mahesh babu anna the director Garu for giving such an inspiration to join in the army for the persons who are roaming across roads by killing people and by doing rapes. Rather than killing our people, At least they can kill enemies really soo nice Movie for Sankranthi.

Excellent Movie; I can say Mahesh Babu’s one of the best movies I ever saw, superb script, and what can I say about Rashmika? She is expression queen. Her character is also memorable in this Movie. The way Mahesh Sir is choosing the script is really appreciable. And also, other characters like Prasad, tejaswini & Prakash sir is also good in that Movie. Sir, Keep it on like this. Awaiting your next Movie.
This Movie contains

Action, Comedy, Romance. This Movie is a family movie. And I am a Mahesh Babu fan. Each and every Movie we will see. That’s I love his Movie. This Movie is very impressive. This Movie will be a hit or superhit, or blockbuster hit. The songs are fabulous. The direction is very nice. His dialogues are very nice. This Movie contains five songs they are Daang Daang, Mind Block, He Is So Cute, Suryudivo Chandrudivo, Sarileru Neekavaru Anthem.
The Movie is a blockbuster. There are few patriotic scenes in the Movie which were shot excellent. If Audians can understand the characterization of Mahesh Babu, they will get connected to the story. The climax is really Awesome. It may go into the public slowly it’s great to step taken by the director. But direction could have been better in few scenes. Overall Movie.