99hub Hd South Movie Hindi Dubbed

99hub Hd South Movie Hindi Dubbed Sarileru neekevvaru movie is super mind-blowing for 2020 Sankranti entertainment film. Superstar Maheshbabu’s best performance in this movie. Actually, in this movie, Maheshbabu’s action is proof of a superstar. Mass Comedy emotion all-rounder action entertainment movie. Also, a special mind block song-dance is mass masala. A trust BLOCKBUSTER KA BAAP HEA.. ..superior…aba aba aba like this movie never before ever after.


As my hubby was born in Hyderabad, he spent a few years growing up in the city of jewels. He has a tremendous sense of Hyderabadi food and Tollywood. Initially, he watched his favorite movie star movie in a cinema hall, but now, he doesn’t because I’m more into Hollywood. Though he doesn’t understand the Telugu language, he attentively watches many films alone with English subtitles on Amazon Prime or Netflix. One day, on the way back home, Our Cab was full of Telugu Songs, and I found great pleasure in listening to that catchy music; I suddenly asked my hubby, which song is this? He replied at full speed, and after few seconds, he humbly requests the same movie called “SARILERU NEEKEVVARU.” Featured Mahesh Babu in this movie; he is one of his all-time favorite actors, so we watched it in Phoenix Market-city on the same weekend.

Movie plot: The movie plot revolves around the story of an army soldier’s mother, who herself is a Medical college professor by profession but expelled from college due to the upper hand of political influence and struggled against cold-blooded folks, issues of morality, and the political maneuver not only at her workplace but also out-of-doors yet with a fortunate twist our male protagonist Mahesh Babu who played the character of Army Major Ajay Krishna helped her till the end as well as her three daughters and challenged an unjust political world to bring justice to this case. 

Movie characters: If the movie has good inception and captivating storyline, I think that it all depends on how the story is told through the different kinds of characters partake in it, and without a doubt, each of the character’s personalities is unique in this movie, if you look at them individually and every personage fill the scenes wholeheartedly. This movie rose in popularity due to the superstar Mahesh Babu’s persona. His cool appearance, besides his strong-willed attitude and passion for living character while keeping his values despite difficulties, is incredible; ultimately, the hopeful message of the movie is well-conveyed. Though this is my first Telugu movie, the actress Rashmika Mandanna is new to me, and I found she devoted herself to the character Samskruthi. She has her loveliness; in some way, she’s crazy, but she has many uniqueness charm factors, acting, brilliant dancing, and pure insanity impression and happily indulges in all kinds of scenes. Actress Vijayashanti takes on the character beautifully. Her role is rife with motherly love, moral principles, and a down-to-earth type, while on the other hand, she’s tough, unapologetic, fierce, and there are many scenes where her character became more dimensional. 

VILLAIN: Our beloved evil Villain, played by Mr. Prakash Raj, is an edgy MLA Nagendra, set on destroying whomsoever comes in his way and dominating the city. His character depicts the wayward man with a brutal mindset and is nothing short of the extraordinary sinner. His man-to-man dialogue delivery with his strong voice maintained a zest of realistic mover and shaker. 

Apart from the main cast, this movie arrested marriage subject matter on some insane level with a pair of crazy siblings to the mix of an actress mother(played by the incredible endearing cast). Together, they created a special synergy, whether it’s a train sequence or at their home. Their moments in the movie harmonized with punch lines bring a unique insanity story to life, and they are funny scenes and full of laughter to watch.